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A walk in the park

It’s been a great day today. Although we had some light rain in the morning, the afternoon weather was fantastic. I walked along the river towards the Botanic Gardens. In this area you will find the Queensland University of Technology and therefore when walking through the park you will find a lot of students relaxing or studying here. The birds in the pictures are all over town. I have no idea what their name is, so if you do: leave a comment….


Close to the Botanic Gardens there’s a footbridge (the Goodwill Bridge) to cross the Brisbane River. This brings you to the South Bank Parklands. The first 2 pictures show the Parklands, the next 2 are the City side (where my hotel and the shopping area is).


The Parklands has it’s own “beach“. Now the sun is shinning, students from the universities located in the Parklands (University of Queensland and the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University) hang out here or come for a swim. And then there’s of course the great view on the City side again. If you zoom in on the last picture, you can see the 2 towers (the big ones on the left) they are building “in front of my hotel room”…


On the South Bank you will also find the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, the Queensland Art Gallery and the Queensland Museum. I haven’t visited them. The weather is to nice to go inside; perhaps later. Crossing the river via Victoria Bridge brings you back to the shopping area on the City side of the river. The first picture shows my hotel and the construction sites. The others give an overview of the South Bank.


It’s been a nice day out here. I must get some sun block tomorrow, since my head is turning red…

Thursday 12 March 2009

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  1. Helma en Sjaak Zuidhoek Helma en Sjaak Zuidhoek
    March 24, 2009    

    Hoi Addie
    We kunnen je de naam van de vogel geven, kun je weer rustig verder slapen, dat spookt maar door je hoofd, hoe heet die Stupid Bird ook alweer.
    The straw-necked ibis, ofwel the farmer’s friend.
    groetjes Helma en Sjaak Zuidhoek

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