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Switching islands.

No pictures today. Today I will travel from Sydney to Hobart (Tasmania).

The day started with a lot of rain in Sydney making leaving this city a bit easier;-) But when the sun showed for some time, I couldn’t resist walking to Circular Quay one more time. It was a nice stroll along many visitors again. Then I had to return to my hotel because the taxi would pick me up within 30 minutes. The moment I got back in the hotel, the rain started pouring again. Good timing.

It was a pleasant flight to Hobart. Here I picked up my next car, a Nissan X-Trail this time, to drive to all sorts of nice places on this island. One thing is clear: it’s much colder down here: 15 degrees… brrrrrr. A few weeks ago it was over 40… But then: it’s dry. And that’s not always the case on this island.

Let’s start by getting to the hotel. I noticed on my small map that Hobart city is all about one way streets and my hotel is in the middle of it all. Hey, where did I hear that before? Oh yeah: that was in Sydney where Tom Tom didn’t help much… Well this time he/she was performing very nicely again and I found the hotel in no time.

By the time I got there, it was dark and it’s Sunday, meaning everything is closed in this town. Therefore it’s going to be a relaxed dinner in the hotel and then it’s time to move on to tomorrow.

Sunday 19 April 2009

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