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Back on the big island

Well, if you have looked at the dates of the previous posts you probably have found that the blog is way behind by now. It’s been quite difficult to keep it up to date and over the last week or so I just couldn’t keep up. There were just too many days without Internet access or I just ran out of time doing all sorts of holiday-thingies. In order to get back in sync, I will make the next few posts quite brief.

Wednesday 29 April I left Tasmania and flew to Melbourne. I planned this stop in Melbourne to prepare for the next part of my holiday: driving to Adelaide. So it’s all about washing, doing some shopping and find out what’s interesting along my route for the next days. Well, the best source for the last part was the visitor information centre here in Melbourne. They provided me with lots of maps and leaflets of things to do and see.

I stayed 2 days in Melbourne and saw only a small part of the city. I will be back here in just over 2 weeks and by then I will have a better look at this place. I will not include pictures in this post, since that’s quite time consuming. Just follow this link and this one. They will bring you to the pictures I took during my stay in Melbourne.

Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 April 2009

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