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Adelaide and Kangaroo Island

According to my schedule I will stay a day in Adelaide (Thursday) then go to Kangaroo Island for a few days (that’s Friday and Saturday) and return to Adelaide for one more day (Sunday).

Thursday: I had no plan for today, so my first stop was the local Visitor Information Centre for some input. They came up with enough suggestions for at least a week, but I couldn’t fit that into my schedule. The weather isn’t too bad, so I just walked around. I didn’t take any pictures today (hey, that’s a first!). There’s so much to see here, but I couldn’t get it “on film”. If you want more: just Google for it, or better: come and see for yourself.

Friday: Today I will go on a bus tour to Kangaroo Island. The day started early: the bus picked me up at the hotel at 6:10. It was still dark outside! After a 2 hour drive we got to the ferry that would take us to the island. And on the other side, there was yet another bus waiting for us to show us around. Our schedule for today:

  • Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil Distillery; as the name already suggest, this is a place where they extract oil from Eucalyptus leaves and turn it into all sorts of products.
  • Lunch at Vivonne Bay Bistro; well we got lunch, but calling this a bistro is stretching the definition…
  • Australian Birds of Prey presentation; fabulous! You must have a look at the picture album of today.
  • Seal Bay; This is the home of the Australian Sealion and here we walked amongst them. Again: have a look at the pictures.
  • Parndana Wildlife Park; this place has all the animals that exist in Australia… We went through it in record time, but it was nice.
  • Island Pure Sheep Dairy; here they produce a range of yoghurts and cheeses made from sheep milk. Don’t ask me why this was on the program; I still can’t think of any other reason than to support the local economy.

In between we did a whole lot of driving, so by the time I got to my guesthouse, I was very tired. The track of today:

Saturday: The second day on Kangaroo Island. And again with a busy schedule:

  • Clifford’s Honey Farm; well, Kangaroo Island is the only place in the world where a pure strain of Ligurian bee exist. So that must be the reason to stop here; not just to support the local economy…
  • Kelly Hill Caves; as the name already suggests: a nice cave in a hill.
  • Lunch at Beckwiths Farm. Hmmm, the “bistro” of yesterday is becoming more appealing now.
  • Flinders Chase National Park; we flew through the park to get to next scenic points.
  • Remarkable Rocks; now this is nice. Have a look at them in the album of today.
  • Admirals Arch; again a very nice scenic point. This area is the breeding ground of a colony of New Zealand Fur Seals.
  • Pelican Feeding; there’s this bloke in Kingscote that feeds the pelicans every day. It’s an extremely amusing show! A must see when you are ever there.

After all that fun, it was time to leave Kangaroo Island again and head back to my hotel in Adelaide. This time not by bus but by air. The track of today:

Sunday: Back in Adelaide. The people at the Visitor Information Centre suggested that visiting Port Adelaide on a Sunday would be very nice. Well, they know the place therefore I hopped on the bus and after 40 minutes I was there. It’s a rather small port but with a lot of history and with Dolphin cruises. Hey, that’s something I haven’t done yet while being here… Let’s go and see some Dolphins. They live in the port river and when I got on board of the boat that would bring me to them, I met a lady that volunteered for the WDCS. She spends a lot of time on this boat and on shore to take pictures of the dolphins. And she’s able to identify and name all of them, just by seeing a glimpse of them. And that’s what you get on this tour: every now and then one pops above the water and swims along the boat for a few seconds. And that’s it… Well it was good fun to be away from the city again. And the stories of this lady watching the dolphins made the tour very pleasant. The pictures of today can be found in this album.

After the dolphins I just walked around here. Looking at all those nice old buildings. Some of them need some attention otherwise they will not be here for much longer. Then I headed back to the city. It was dark by the time I got there, so after a nice meal it was time to get some sleep. Tomorrow I will pick up a car again and head east. The track of today:

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