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Back to Melbourne

After all that nature it’s time to get back to the concrete skyscrapers. Thursday 14 May I will start driving to Melbourne, but again this is too far to do in one day. Well, it’s too far for me to do in one day. When you talk to the average local, he will drive from Adelaide to Melbourne in one day. But I am on holiday and want to enjoy it…

The first track will bring me to Ballarat. In 1851 they found gold here and that made this place famous. I took no pictures today. There was just nothing that was good enough to hold on to.

The track of today:

Friday 15 May I drove on to Melbourne. But not before I toured the town of Ballarat. The weather is absolutely miserable. It’s wet, windy and cold. Not a good day to be out there. There’s a nice lake in this town (Lake Wendouree) and there are quite a few rowing clubs along it as well. But have a look at the pictures. There’s something missing here.

After that it was time to get to Melbourne. I have to get the car back, do my washing and prepare for the next phase in my holiday. More on that later.

The track of today:

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