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On my way to the Grampians National Park

It’s Monday 11 May and I am on my way to the Grampians National Park. And since it’s a long way away from Adelaide I will have to make a stop in the middle which is going to be Bordertown. There’s nothing in Bordertown and the route to it is also not very inspiring.

Before heading out to Bordertown, I first drove to Glenelg the oldest European settlement on mainland South Australia. It’s got a beautiful beach and a short break here is good to wake me up. After that I drove up to mount Lofty again. The weather is much better today compared to a few days ago when I was up there. So with a bit of luck the pictures will also be better 😉

After that I drove to Bordertown. And as I said before it’s a long way away and the route isn’t that interesting but I did take some pictures along the way. You can find them here.

The track of today:

Tuesday 12 May I am traveling on to the Grampians. Tonight I will end up in Pomonal, but before that I will still have to drive a long way. And on my way I will cross the northern part of the Grampians. I stopped at several lookouts; just have a look at these pictures.

The track of today:

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