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Updating, testing and changing…

For those who have looked at the site over the last few weeks, you may have noticed that the layout has changed and changed and changed again. Well, it’s all about the changes I am making to the site. I am looking at several WordPress plugins, themes and settings.

Over the next few weeks I will update the individual posts on the site in order to (finally) phase out Gallery 2 and migrate to the NextGEN Gallery. In the meantime, things may change, work or not work, etc.


  1. AJ AJ
    September 6, 2010    

    Hi Addie,

    I stumbled across your site while searching for stuff on migrating from Gallery 2 to NextGen gallery.
    Did you end up doing it? It looks like your main photo gallery is still in Gallery.
    I am looking to migrate and am trying to learn the pitfalls from the experience of others.
    By the way, your photo P1020849 taken on the way to Jenolan Caves looks into the valley where my farm is. If the camera was shifted a little to the right you would have been able to see my barn.

  2. September 6, 2010    

    Hi AJ,

    The migration is still in progress, but everything is still “behind the scenes”.
    Before migrating the website, I am going to clean up my photos. I am adding tags to them and I found that a lot of photos had faulty geotagging info.
    In order to update the posts on the site, I have created a small application that will change the wpg tags into the correct NextGen references.
    Due to work and all sorts of other activities (it’s summertime here and I have been flying a lot over the last months), cleaning up of the photos doesn’t get the required attention. So, it will take another few months I guess before I will finalize the migration.

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