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Planning my next holiday

It’s that time of the year again: holiday season. This year I will go back to the US to fly again. I have joined a tour organized by 2 Dutch pilots; Jeroen van Rossum and Ferdinand de Wit. These guys have been flying in the US for several years and started organizing flying adventures in 2008. I joined the tour in 2008 and really enjoyed it. It’s great to fly in the US. That country is filled with airports and the service provided to pilots is amazing.

For us Dutch pilots it’s amazing that you can fly for hours without having to cross country borders, filling flight plans, studying air regulations/laws for the country you’re flying into. Jeroen and Ferdinand have arranged a nice tour this year on the West coast. Have a look at their website (it’s in Dutch, but has all sorts of maps showing the routes): http://www.blueskyflyingadventures.com

It’s also amazing how easy it is to get the paperwork done. It took me over 7 months to get permission to fly in Australia, but it takes 1 fax to fly in the US… Amazing, since I thought that the Americans would be far more demanding since the attacks on the World Trade Centre.

N2454G_extN2454G_intNow it’s time to do some studying. I need to refresh my knowledge of radio communications and airspace classification again. Furthermore, I will need to look into mountain flying and ceiling and visibility. This tour will take us to higher ground and temperatures, which requires some planning in order to make sure that we get off the ground safely.

With a bit of luck, I will be flying a Cessna 182T, which is great since it’s got a bit more power and as a result the limits are not as critical as for a Cessna 172. This plane is also equipped with a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit. I have been flying a Cessna 172 with a G1000 on the previous tour. It’s a great piece of kit… all this computing power in front of you, makes flying even better…

That’s it for now. I’ll be back when I have more 😉

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