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Let’s go flying

Today it’s checkout time. Before we can hire and fly a plane in the US, we will need to convince the flying school that we can safely fly the plane. The way to do so is go flying with an instructor. And that’s exactly what we did today. We being Jeroen and myself and having Niels coming along as a passenger. Jeroen and I will fly the N2454G over the next few weeks and therefore have to go through the same process. Today it’s my checkout, Jeroen will fly tomorrow.

The weather was good today. Temperature was good, hardly any clouds and little wind. Perfect flying conditions. After meeting Daniel Thicksten (the flight instructor), we checked the plane and in no time we were airborne. We flew a bit to the north east, did some looking around and a simulated engine failure. Then it was time to go back to the airport for some landings. After an hour of flying Daniel was more than happy to sign off my paperwork. So, I can now hire and fly the plane.

The track of today:

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