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That’s a big boat!

Although that Jeroen and myself have completed the check out, the other pilots have not yet completed their paperwork and tests. Today started with a visit of the local FAA office. After some paperwork, we received our US certificate based on our Dutch private pilot licenses. Yet another part of the process to fly in the US.

After that, the other pilots continued with their flights. Jeroen, Ferdinand, Marianne and I went to downtown San Diego for lunch. After that, we visited the USS Midway; an old aircraft carrier that’s now acting as a museum. Have a look at the pictures.

The weather in the region is poor. As a result, we are faced with marginal flying conditions. By the end of the day, most of the pilots still had some outstanding actions and therefore we will have to delay the start of the trip with at least one day. That’s not a big issue, since the planning took a delay of 1 day into account for potential bad weather. Now, let’s hope that this is the only delay we are faced with.

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