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Going North…

Today we will do our most Northern track of the tour. We started our day by flying to Placerville. There’s nothing at this place, it’s just a stop to stretch the legs and have a drink.

We then moved on to Sacramento Executive for lunch. We (Jeroen, Niels and I) stopped at Red Bluff; “Team Slow” didn’t stop at this airport, since it would take too much time. The “Fast Boys” didn’t stop here either; they took a slightly different track. It’s the benefit of a faster plane; you can get to places a bit faster and therefore cover more miles in a day.

The last stop of the day is at Benton/Redding.

That’s it for today. Have a look at the pictures and the tracks of today (track between Placerville and Sacramento Executive is missing. I don’t have an idea why…):

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