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On our way to the music…

Today we will fly to Nashville Tennessee; world famous because of the music scene. We’ve been here a few years back and really enjoyed it, so I am looking forward to it. But before we get there, we need to do some flying. Nothing specific to report with regards to the trip itself. It’s a beautiful day, weather is good.

Oh, there was one minor detail: we got interviewed by the FBI… Yesterday we took some pictures on the Tallahassee airport, an airport heavily used by the USA Navy. A few days back, the FBI published a “small aircraft terror warning”. And there they are: a lot of foreigners flying small aircraft and taking pictures of military aircraft. Ohh… and they are en route to New York and expect to be there on 9/11. After a short interview (the guys were really friendly and taking a lot of notes), they were convinced that this was not the Al-Qaida cell they were looking for and left in their big four wheel drive with tinted windows.

Once we got to Nashville, it was time to hit the town. And we did. We had a very nice dinner and then hit the bars. Nice night out; good music; too much beer…

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