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No flying today but wandering around in Chicago. We started the day with a boat tour that took us along most of the tall buildings of the city center. Amazing how tall and different these buildings are. Here’s an impression; more photos in today’s photo gallery (20110909-USA-Chicago)

And since windows get dirty, they need to be cleaned by brave men…

After the boat tour we walked around and enjoyed the views. It’s a big city, but it’s easy to get to places. As with any big city with tall buildings, there’s always one that has an option to go to the top floor to have a good view on the city. So does Chicago. And this building has a nice feature: you can stand in a glass box that extends out of the building. Have a look at Lex and Egon here; Egon really does not like hights, so the only way to get him in the box is to have him look up…

After a day walking around, we ended up in an Italian restaurant; we ordered “small pizza’s”, but even that was way too much to eat. The left overs (at least two full pizzas) were nicely put in a doggy bag and we handed them over to some of the homeless people on the street.

That’s it for today. The general impression: Chicago is a nice city and for sure worth while visiting. I may come back to this place in the future.

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