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Where’s that waterfall?

We’re back in the air on route to Niagara Falls. But first we have to get away from Chicago. It was an interesting moment when we came into this airport due to the size of this place and the amount of traffic that’s using this airport. Today it’s busy again; this airport handles a lot of traffic of Southwest and then there are these small planes as well. Interesting to see a big plane waiting for a small Cessna taking of.

After some last glimpse at Chicago it was time to move on.

After days of flying, some of the guys were getting into a bit of a strange mode. One even started cleaning his plane. I’m starting to get worried…

Eventually we got to Niagara Falls by the end of the day. After a quick refresh, we got on the bus to see the falls by night. Well, it’s a lot of water dropping over an edge… You should go to the Canadian side to really have a decent view on the falls, but we didn’t do so. There was a band playing and beer on sale…

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