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Hudson River by daylight…

On 11 September we flew over the Hudson, but the sun was going down fast. As a result, none of us had decent pictures. So, before leaving towards the south, we are going to fly the Hudson twice today; once from the south to the north and back. I took a lot of pictures. Here are a few; for the full set go to the photo album (20110913-USA-NewYork-Williamsburg).

And finally I’ve got a few pictures of “the Lady”.

Then it was time to fly to the south along the so called Jersey Shore.

This is swamp land and it amazes me why somebody would want to live here.

The further south, the hotter it gets. When we started today, the temperature was about 21 degrees. By the time we got to Cape May, we were way over the 30 degrees. It’s remarkable cooler in the shade though. After another great American lunch (aka hamburger), we moved on.

One of the next stops was quite interesting: Tangier. It’s a small island with only about 600 people living there.

We found a Black Hawk parked on the airport and took a good look at it.

We ended our tour today in Williamsburg. On route to our hotel, we saw some amazing houses along the route; hence why visitors come here to walk and get a feel of history.

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