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On to the Carolinas…

We’re leaving Williamsburg again after a relaxing night in town. There was a journalist at the airport to collect information for an article about the airport. And when he found out that there was this group of Dutch pilots around, he really wanted to get an interview. So, Jeroen and Ferdinand volunteered.

Then it was time to take off. It’s really beautiful scenery.

After a bit of flying, we got to Edenton North Carolina. Once you cross the state line, you’ll notice the difference. How Y’all doing? Y’all come on in. We find three guys running the airport’s FBO. They’re very friendly and have a strong political opinion: let’s get rid of Obama as soon as possible…

Just before we left, we saw a blimp flying over the airport. It seems that this ship is used by the army and they are test driving it here.

Professional briefing and flight preparation:

After two more stop overs we ended the day in Clemson; world famous because of the Clemson Paws and the color orange… Well you must have been here to understand it; fly here, visit town at night; like we did…

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