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Moving my website (again)…

Earlier this year I moved my website to another hosting provider. Over the last few months I’ve noticed that the site displayed more and more error messages. It took some time to discover what was going on, but a few weeks back I found the cause: the websites that I run use more memory than allowed 🙁

So, how to solve this? Well, the provider had a nice option: upgrade to a Virtual Private Server… Nice… but that’s far more expensive. After some feedback from a friend (thanks Simon!), I found another provider that delivers a good VPS option that even I can afford.

So, here we are. Up and running again on another server; moved from the US to Germany. I hope this runs fine for a while, since I don’t want to make moving websites around my next hobby 😉

Enjoy reading!

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  1. Jettie de supersecretaresse Jettie de supersecretaresse
    December 24, 2011    

    eindelijk heb ik eens tijd om je website te bekijken…

    Goed bezig Addie!!!

    Groetjes Jettie

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