Just some stuff I want to share with you


I have collected a lot of photos over the years.

Initially I used a piece of software called Gallery2 to manage the photos. But as you can read on this site, I have developed some irritation with regards to that application. As a result, I have recently started to move away from Gallery2 in favor of NextGEN Gallery.

There are still a lot of photos in Gallery2 and therefore you will see 2 starting points here: [p2p type=”slug” value=”wpg2-2″ text=”Gallery2″] contains a lot of photo’s I took while traveling in Australia and then the photos I have added to the NextGEN gallery, starting with [p2p type=”slug” value=”2010-holiday-flying-adventure-usa” text=”my 2010 holiday: Flying in the USA”].

Have a look at both of them, since they contain some nice views on our wonderful world.