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The Big Apple Edition comes to an end…

After a few weeks of fun, we’re getting to the end of the tour. It’s about an hour flying to Kissimmee, where Lex will leave the group. He’s got to go to Tampa where he will meet his ferry pilot who will join him in flying his plane back to the Netherlands.

For the other pilots, most of the afternoon is spend on paperwork; once that’s done, we drive to Orlando to our last hotel of this tour: Sheraton Orlando Downtown Hotel. After a nice dinner, we are going for a last beer and then it’s time to prepare for the flight home.

It’s been a nice holiday with a great group. We’ve seen a lot and been to great places. My personal highlights: the night out in Nashville, visiting Chicago and New York.

Here’s the group of this year’s Flying Adventure (from left to right): Jeroen van Rossum, Kees Schoorl, Egon Harteman, Ferdinand de Wit, Lex Versteeg, Addie Janssen, Tom Rompelman.

And this is the actual track that I’ve flown:

Final flight?

We’re heading towards Kissimmee today. Since we returned to hotel quite late last night, we have a delayed start this morning. The day started with the regular checks and flight preparations. During our flights we have collected a large amount of bugs on the windscreen and as a result, the photos are getting worse and worse. Solution:

Today we are just doing 3 states: South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. During the first track of the day, we are overflying some lakes with particular shapes.

At Waycross-Ware County Airport, we run into a rather strange helicopter. A bit of research shows that this is a Kaman K-MAX. The interesting things about this helicopter are the two rotors that turn in opposite directions. This results in high stability which is very useful for firefighting. And that’s exactly what it is used for here; there are a lot of fires in this area and since this is mainly swamp, you can’t get to the fires by truck. When leaving the area, we are flying through the smoke of several fires.

During lunch we come to the conclusion that it is not realistic to fly to Kissimmee today; we’re running out of daylight and are not allowed to fly at night. After a bit of brainstorming, we decide to fly to Ormond Beach, which is close to Daytona Beach. We end up in the Daytona Beach Resort which with these views

After a nice dinner, some of the group goes out for some drinks, but after all the late nights that we had; my energy level is too low to join them… I must be getting old ;-(

On to the Carolinas…

We’re leaving Williamsburg again after a relaxing night in town. There was a journalist at the airport to collect information for an article about the airport. And when he found out that there was this group of Dutch pilots around, he really wanted to get an interview. So, Jeroen and Ferdinand volunteered.

Then it was time to take off. It’s really beautiful scenery.

After a bit of flying, we got to Edenton North Carolina. Once you cross the state line, you’ll notice the difference. How Y’all doing? Y’all come on in. We find three guys running the airport’s FBO. They’re very friendly and have a strong political opinion: let’s get rid of Obama as soon as possible…

Just before we left, we saw a blimp flying over the airport. It seems that this ship is used by the army and they are test driving it here.

Professional briefing and flight preparation:

After two more stop overs we ended the day in Clemson; world famous because of the Clemson Paws and the color orange… Well you must have been here to understand it; fly here, visit town at night; like we did…

Hudson River by daylight…

On 11 September we flew over the Hudson, but the sun was going down fast. As a result, none of us had decent pictures. So, before leaving towards the south, we are going to fly the Hudson twice today; once from the south to the north and back. I took a lot of pictures. Here are a few; for the full set go to the photo album (20110913-USA-NewYork-Williamsburg).

And finally I’ve got a few pictures of “the Lady”.

Then it was time to fly to the south along the so called Jersey Shore.

This is swamp land and it amazes me why somebody would want to live here.

The further south, the hotter it gets. When we started today, the temperature was about 21 degrees. By the time we got to Cape May, we were way over the 30 degrees. It’s remarkable cooler in the shade though. After another great American lunch (aka hamburger), we moved on.

One of the next stops was quite interesting: Tangier. It’s a small island with only about 600 people living there.

We found a Black Hawk parked on the airport and took a good look at it.

We ended our tour today in Williamsburg. On route to our hotel, we saw some amazing houses along the route; hence why visitors come here to walk and get a feel of history.

Waiting for the airshow to finish…

Yesterday, after landing at Niagara Falls airport, we found out that the airport would be closed from 10.00 – 16.00 due to an airshow… That was not part of our planning, but it also gave us the ability to do something unplanned. We went to the FBO to find out that they invited a lot of people to see the show from their hangar. It included a nice barbeque as well and since we were there we mingled with the crowd. So today we are looking at a nice airshow with free food and drinks; horrible 😉

After the show, we still had some flying to do, since we want to end up in New York today. We were in a hurry now, since we are going to run out of daylight pretty soon. Looking at the distance we should be able to make it. Along the route we saw the results of the flooding a few weeks back.

From a planning point of view, this is interesting: we are going to fly to New York over the Hudson river along ground zero on 11 September 2011; ten years after…
Since we took of quite late, it was getting darker by the minute. As a result the pictures that I took from flying down the Hudson are horrible…