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Google map changes

Today I have changed the Google Maps plugin. All the posts containing maps have been updated to use the new plugin. From a readers point of view, almost nothing has changed. The only difference is the ability to zoom in on the map by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol on the left. This will bring up a full screen version of the map.

That’s it for today. Over the next few weeks I will start to replace the picture gallery.

So what’s going on?

Over the last few days I have been looking at a new picture gallery. And I have found the one I will migrate to: NextGEN Gallery. I have also looked into options to put my pictures on a Google Map combined with the GPS tracks. I found a plugin that can do so: XML Google Maps. As a result I will move away from the Inline Google Maps plugin.

While you will probably not see any changes while I am migrating the pictures to the NextGEN Gallery, you will see the impact of the Google Map plugin change. The new plugin uses a slightly different approach and since I can’t run the two plugins at the same time, you will see all sorts of strange messages in the maps that are now on my site. I will start to update the posts in order to solve the errors as soon as possible.

In the end, it will be much easier to look at my pictures and you can see where they have been taken (assuming I had my PhotoTrackr with me…).

Updating my site…

It’s been a while since I looked at my website. I’ve been back from Australia for a few months now and it’s time to solve my picture gallery issues. And while looking into that, I will probably make some more changes to the site. You may have noticed that the theme has changed and that certain items in the menu appear and disappear every now and then. Well, I am experimenting, so every now and then stuff may work or not ūüėČ

Picture gallery nightmare…

It’s official now: I hate this picture gallery!

Today I found out why you now and then get errors when clicking on the pictures in the blog entries: the gallery does not have the right sized image available. So how does¬†this work? Well I use Gallery2. This picture gallery software allows me to import the pictures I took with my camera. During the import, it creates the small images you see in the blog entries. Gallery2 allows you to have several sizes of the same picture online. This allows me to show bigger or smaller versions of the picture depending on what I want to do. These¬†so called resized pictures are created when you access them¬†for the first time. But not when you do so via¬†the blog software (wordpress)… Hence, why you get errors when the picture has not been accessed through Gallery2.

So for now I have changed some settings in the blog software. When you click on a small picture, it will show the best match and will not generate an error anymore. However, the best match could be the original picture. And these are quite big, so can take a lot of time to download.

If you want to scroll through my pictures, you better go directly to Gallery2 and browse through the pictures there. You can do so by clicking here. This will allow you to select the smallest version of the pictures and as a nice side effect, you will trigger the creation of these smaller pictures when browsing them.

These are only temporary solutions until I have figured out how to move on with the pictures.

Picture Gallery working (sort of)…

Well, I found out why you couldn’t get the bigger/high res pictures when clicking on a picture in the blog entries. I also tried to enable the Google map integration, but that’s one that for sure will require a bit more time…

For now: this will allow you to look at “the bigger picture” or go to the “Picture Gallery” page to browse all pictures here¬†ūüėČ