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Time to revive my website…

I must admin; I have neglected my website for many years now and it is starting to fall apart. So it is time to revive it. Replace the maps plugin in order to show the GPS tracks again and if time permits: replace the old photo gallery with something new.

Moving my website (again)…

Earlier this year I moved my website to another hosting provider. Over the last few months I’ve noticed that the site displayed more and more error messages. It took some time to discover what was going on, but a few weeks back I found the cause: the websites that I run use more memory than allowed 🙁

So, how to solve this? Well, the provider had a nice option: upgrade to a Virtual Private Server… Nice… but that’s far more expensive. After some feedback from a friend (thanks Simon!), I found another provider that delivers a good VPS option that even I can afford.

So, here we are. Up and running again on another server; moved from the US to Germany. I hope this runs fine for a while, since I don’t want to make moving websites around my next hobby 😉

Enjoy reading!

Internal error…

It seems that I am hitting some limitations of my hosting account and as a result my website is not displaying correctly anymore.

For now I have disabled the Google maps which solves some of the issues. However, you will find that the photos of my Australia trip may or may not show.

I’m working on it, but this will take a few weeks… 🙁


The Big Apple Edition comes to an end…

After a few weeks of fun, we’re getting to the end of the tour. It’s about an hour flying to Kissimmee, where Lex will leave the group. He’s got to go to Tampa where he will meet his ferry pilot who will join him in flying his plane back to the Netherlands.

For the other pilots, most of the afternoon is spend on paperwork; once that’s done, we drive to Orlando to our last hotel of this tour: Sheraton Orlando Downtown Hotel. After a nice dinner, we are going for a last beer and then it’s time to prepare for the flight home.

It’s been a nice holiday with a great group. We’ve seen a lot and been to great places. My personal highlights: the night out in Nashville, visiting Chicago and New York.

Here’s the group of this year’s Flying Adventure (from left to right): Jeroen van Rossum, Kees Schoorl, Egon Harteman, Ferdinand de Wit, Lex Versteeg, Addie Janssen, Tom Rompelman.

And this is the actual track that I’ve flown:

Final flight?

We’re heading towards Kissimmee today. Since we returned to hotel quite late last night, we have a delayed start this morning. The day started with the regular checks and flight preparations. During our flights we have collected a large amount of bugs on the windscreen and as a result, the photos are getting worse and worse. Solution:

Today we are just doing 3 states: South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. During the first track of the day, we are overflying some lakes with particular shapes.

At Waycross-Ware County Airport, we run into a rather strange helicopter. A bit of research shows that this is a Kaman K-MAX. The interesting things about this helicopter are the two rotors that turn in opposite directions. This results in high stability which is very useful for firefighting. And that’s exactly what it is used for here; there are a lot of fires in this area and since this is mainly swamp, you can’t get to the fires by truck. When leaving the area, we are flying through the smoke of several fires.

During lunch we come to the conclusion that it is not realistic to fly to Kissimmee today; we’re running out of daylight and are not allowed to fly at night. After a bit of brainstorming, we decide to fly to Ormond Beach, which is close to Daytona Beach. We end up in the Daytona Beach Resort which with these views

After a nice dinner, some of the group goes out for some drinks, but after all the late nights that we had; my energy level is too low to join them… I must be getting old ;-(